Giolli social cooperative has been founded in Parma the 11th november 2008 but is based on Giolli association experience, 21 years long.
Giolli uses Boal's method (Theatre of the Oppressed), together with Paulo Freiire'Conscientization, Community Development Approach, Active No-violence, as tools to help the self-liberation of groups and individuals.



Giolli passed through several vicissitudes and many people have approached and given their contribution and then they have taken different ways. What Giolli is now actually it's thank to the ideas and energies these dozen of people have done since 1992. Here we would like to present the present state of Giolli's structure, without taken away anything from other members and friends who have been collaborating with us.
Giolli is a non-profit organisation managed at present by a regular assembly that gives general lines, monitores the process and nominates a set of responsible persons in specific areas, throughout the no-violent consensus method.



  • President: Massimiliano Filoni, Pistoia 1971, actor and director, he is member since the Giolli foundation in 1992. In the last years he focused his research in applying theatre in school and psychiatric contexts. At present Internal Supervisor. TO practitioner, graduate at Dams University of Arts.
  • Vice-President: Roberto Mazzini, Genova 1955, co-founder of Giolli, has been leading several project in Italy and abroad. He is translator of 2nd Italian Boal's book, initiator of italian T.O. since 1898.
  • Giovanni Badalotti: tutor of courses, local coordinator of Fratt and Fotel for Reggio Emilia province.
  • Emanuela Roncoroni: actress and volonteer in Giolli projects.
  • Maria Montelone Dumas: administrative, coordinates some european peoject like Fratt.
  • Lavinia Scalori: manager of promotion and website.



  • OUR HISTORY   ( 16 Articles )

    Giolli was borne as association the 15th of February 1992 in Medesano (Parma).

    Many information about it you can find at:



    From 11th of November 2008, Giollia cooperative added to the association.

  • GIOLLI'S MEMBERS   ( 7 Articles )

  • Lo statuto   ( 4 Articles )
  • La rete collettiva   ( 10 Articles )
    Giolli ha una sua propria rete fatta di attori, collaboratori, ex soci, amici vari, che si riunisce periodicamente per confrontarsi e sostenersi.

    Inoltre partecipa ad altre reti tra cui:
    - ITOO: associazione internazionale del teatro dell'oppresso
    - Coordinamento regionale Emilia-Romagna di Teatro e Carcere
    - Coordinamento nazionale Teatro e carcere

    Collabora con:
    - la Red Boliviana de TO
    - la rete italiana Paulo Freire
  • Il futuro   ( 1 Article )