Giolli has been leading several types of project, concerning different categories of people, really different like psichiatric patiences, teachers, drug addicts, social workers, trade unionists, parents, prisonners, students, etc.

Our education has to do with the same categories and also with people who want to learn the method.

Forum-Theatre is a tool for research, debate, discover... used about several educational, social, poilitacal themes (bullying, Aids prevention, violence against woman, participatory urbanistic, at risk behaviour prevention, doctor-patient relationship, school reform, ecc.).
  • PROJECT AND INTERVENTION   ( 162 Articles )
    Giolli spend most of its work in intervention on field in the framework of a project.
    We don't like "una tantum" intervention on spot.
    It's matter of course and training or interveniton in critical situation, conflicts... courses for mixed groups (like psichiatric patiences or other marginalised groups, volonteers, social workers...), or more complex project based on Community Development Approach.

  • TRAINING   ( 82 Articles )
    Training is an other big area of work for Giolli.

    Here you can find education projects in strict sense, that are managed directly by Giolli; trainings on demand are under the item "project and intervention".

    The main types of training organised by us are:

    - biannual course on T.O. as Conscientisation
    - course for teachers, social workers, volunteers, etc.
    - workshop on a theme like conflict, interculture...
    - workshop on a single T.O. techniques

  • PERFORMANCE   ( 37 Articles )

    Usually we make interactive performances of Forum-Theatre, build up in various occasion about different topics.

  • Corsi x docenti - riconosciuti dagli USP   ( 7 Articles )

    Dal 2016 abbiamo ripreso la formazione docenti con corsi anche riconosciuti dagli Uffici Scolastici Provinciali.

    Di seguito i corsi svolti e in apertura.

  • Corsi già svolti   ( 4 Articles )