FHOFIJ project (English presentation)


FHOFIJ – Fighting HOmophobia For an Inclusive Job

From 1-11-2016 to 31-10-2018

in Italy Slovenia Greece






The project is biannual and aims to fight the discriminations at workplace against LGBTI people.

It will explore 5 different methods suitable to this objective, among others Theatre of the Oppressed, assertiveness, Loesje.

We will organise events like trainings, debates and networks at local, national and international level.

It also foresees an handbook and a video to promote the LGBTI’s inclusion.






Giolli cooperative as project leader, PiNA organisation (Slovenia) and Youth Hellenic Participation (Greece).

Associate partners: ILGA, ENAR, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Municipality of Parma, Association Aldo Braibanti LGBTQIPA (Parma), Progetto Gionata (Firenze), Arci gay Gioconda (Reggio Emilia).

Other organisations are joining us.



From 1st November 2016 to 31st October 2018.



<In the EU, 20% of LGB people felt they experienced discrimination at work or job hunting because of their sexual orientation> (ILGA Europe, Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People in Europe 2014).

The data show 20% in Italy, 16% in Slovenia, 21% in Greece.



1) To foster quality improvements and internationalisation in training providers, by experimenting new methods to defend LGBTI rights: Theatre of The Oppressed combined with Loesje method, social video, training in assertivitness and anti-rumours

2) To improve activists and professionals' quality of work sharing these methods applied to LGBTI issues, so that they can use them in their daily action

3) To strengthen cooperation between the world of adult education and the world of work (and other stakeholders interested in the issue) by extending the debate on the LGBTI issue in society at larger scale, starting from the discrimination at job.




- 60 professionals in LGBTI issue from Europe, from partners organisations and the 3 partners countries: adult education trainers, staff from adult education providers, social workers, educators and psychologists competent in LGBTI issue.

- 80 LGBTI activists, anti-homophobia associations members, people interested in the issue coming from the 3 partners’ countries and from other European countries. The two groups will be selected with a questionnaire + CV on the basis of motivation and competencies.

- 120 stake-holders from partners countries and 40 from Europe: Centers for employment responsibles, trade-unionists, local services for unemployment, private and public managers, cooperatives, decision-makers, Local and Regional Public Authorities, etc. Selected to have a wide range in terms of type of organisation, country, languages.



- 1.000 citizens using partners’ Websites and project FB profile

- 100 activists/professionals using our Educational Book

- 3.000 European citizens, public and private organisations, stakeholders receiving our newsletter

- 60 European organisations receiving our video

- 180 citizens/stakeholders attending to the Forum plays + 300 watching on youtube

- 180 stakeholders in the Book presentations.



- best practices exchange during the partners meetings through 3 days of training ruled by one partner about its specific method (T.O., Losje, video, assertivness, anti-rumours) and co-lead with a combination of methods

- local networking: meetings with local stakeholders to involve them in the project (Think tank group)

- 1 national training in each country about the integrate approach, lasting 2-4 days to test the Integrate Training Model

- 1 national seminar with relevant stakeholders to debate the LGBTI inclusion issue

- 3 teaching assignement abroad co-lead by partners and using the 5 methods

- 1 international seminar for stakeholders

- 6 Forum-Theatre plays for local stakeholders, also for Youtube/Vimeo

- 6 Video and 6 Book presentations, for professionals, activists and adult education providers

- 4-6 newsletters to 10.000 users

- 1 International training, for European professionals/activists, about the 5 partnership's methods

- 1 Project Facebook.



We use a participatory approach during the whole project and at different stages, more 5 specific methods to be shared:

1) Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed

2) Social-changing multimedia

3) The creative writing method "Loesje developed"

4) Assertivness training

5) Anti-rumours training

More info: www.theatreoftheoppressed.org http://loesje.ee/_books/loesje_manual_eng.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminist_psychology#Assertiveness_training http://www.antirumours.net/about.html and http://www.antirumores.com/eng/project.html


Gender and LGBTI issues.

Given the topic of the project – homophobia and gender discrimination – we will have a training group on these issues. And, according to the gender mainstreaming principle, we decided to introduce a gender expert in every part of the training, to assure a gender perspective and a gendered approach during all the process.



  • 1 Page in each of partners’ website, available in English with summary in the other 3 languages of the partnership

  • 1 project FaceBook profile

  • 1 Educational book, 50 pages, in EN/FR/SP and 3 partners languages, put online

  • 4-6 Newsletters in EN, translated into the 3 partners' languages

  • 1 Educational video with English subtitles

  • 3 Forum-Theatre plays and scripts about LGBTI discrimination at workplace

  • 3 Guidelines about how to improve the LGBTI inclusion at workplace.



Improved skills in the 5 methods and their mutual contamination and internationalisation, will be the main impact on participants and partner organisations.

A diffusion of sensitiveness to HHRR and LGBTI inclusion will affect the main stakeholders and citizens.

At local, regional, national level our aim is to strength network and collaboration and affect the policy related to LGBTI.








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