Training in service course July 2012




Prevention of racism through Theater of the Oppressed


Racism/xenophobia/discrimination is an hot issue in Europe; European Commission gives great attention to this financing several activities tackling this problem (see for instance the program “Fundamental rights and Citizenship, DG Justice).

Italy particularly is seeing an increasing attention to this due to the quick immigration we are living since 10 years. Some political parties, mass-media agencies, public opinion, are focusing the issue of migration and strengthening the connection between criminality, immigration, sense of insecurity.

On the other hand movements and associations mainly are fighting against stereotypes, prejudgments, racism in different places (school, mass-media system, suburbs, living together houses...) with different tools.

Theatre of the Oppressed is an useful tool for adult education used all over the world since longtime in formal and informal adult education (

Hector Aristizabal has more than 20 years of experience in this method with several kinds of adults and youngsters groups and has contacts with several groups using the same method. He also has been working on the issue of racism since longtime getting a great experience in USA and abroad.

So we think that this proposal can fit the need of empower our activity against racism, both as prevention and intervention, giving to people participating stimulus, tools, ideas, means of how to implement good anti-racist projects.


Contents of the training were defined in two ways:

1) this training is part of the European project called F.ra.t.t. (Fighting racism through theater) that Giolli and 3 partners are currying out since January 2011, concerning racism.

2) asking partner organizations all over Europe, especially Divadno (Czeck Republic), Pa'tothom (Spain), GTO-PELE (Portugal), ATIC (France), Artemisszio (Hungary), Action Aid (UK), ApsArt (Serbia), Association of Drama Practitioners STOP-KLATKA (Poland), Fundatia Umanitara Rescue (Romania), Association Kàddu Yaraax (Senegal), VAT Theatre Forum Theatre Group (Estonia), HEMAYAT (Austria), La Xixa Teatre (Spain), Teater Phantastisk (Sweeden), Leesmij Teater (Neederlands).