International workshop about Boal's and Freire's approach 24-29th NOv2014

  • TITLE: Boal's and Freire's approaches with disadvantaged groups


CONTENTS: the training explores the theories of Boal and Freire and how to use these approaches to work with marginalised groups as prisoners, migrants, youth at risk, etc.

Participants, following the process of building a Forum play, will learn how to use Boal’s method; finally they will be asked to create their own concept of training. Games and techniques will be used and explained. Space also will be given to participants to lead some moment of the training and have feed-back.


METHOD: as usual and in consistency with Theatre of the Oppressed approach, we propose to learn through different ways:

  • we ask everyone coming to bring some photo or video or exercise or else to be shared with participants, in order to make them to know yourself, your organisation and your country.

  • We will ask some of you who likes to lead some exercise with the group

  • We will explore our own oppressions, creating some scenes suitable for Forum-Theatre technique. The process will be the same we as Giolli follow when we work with groups. From time to time wee will have also a methodological reflection about the steps crossed with the workshop.

  • We'll try to balance body, mind and emotional work

  • We also stimulate the group to work as a group, taking decision and self-organising as much as possible in order to take on responsibility and power.


DATE: 24-29th of November 2014


TIMING: from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 17.30.


SCHEDULE: arrival on Sunday evening, then from Monday everyday workshop, except Thursday afternoon that is free for visiting Parma or else. On Saturday morning possible performance in Parma town or Casaltone. Saturday evening or Sunday morning: departure.


PLACE: Casaltone, close to Parma, Italy, in a residential structure with multiple-beds rooms, in the countryside.


LANGUAGE: mainly English, possible an help in French/Spanish.

Language should not be a problem, so if you don't speak English we'll find a solution, but we need to know it in advance.


TRAINER: Roberto Mazzini by Giolli



--- for people granted by Erasmus plus program,

: 420,00 Euro for course fee, 300,00 Euro for subsistence and accommodation.

  • Deadline to subscribe: 24th of September
  • Deposit fee to send for subscribing: 200,00 Euro



--- for people with no grant:

300,00 Euro as course fee plus 210,00 Euro for meals and accommodation

  • Possible discount for group of 3 people at least, or for the ones who pay all by 30th of September: 310,00 Euro for course, meals and accommodation.

  • Deadline to subscribe: 24th of October

  • Deposit fee to send for subscribing: 150,00 Euro



  • reservation of place with an e-mail expressing your will to participate

  • when you'll receive our confirmation you should subscribe by sending a deposit fee

  • when we receive it we confirm to you finally that you are in the list (if necessary a waiting list will be activated)

  • you can give up with no fee 2 months before the course starts, after this date you loose your deposit

  • 15 days before the course starts you'll be asked to send the balance via bank transfer.