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This training is the follow up of a 2 years long project about gender violence with specific focus on women with disabilities.

The project can be seen here:


Facebook: VivienProject


The sources of this training are:

- the desk research carried on by University of Parma to detect European researches about training in VAW analysis to find key elements of effectiveness

- the survey carried on by University of Parma to detect European Best Practices of violence against women with disabilities management

- the test (questionnaire and video) submitted by University of Parma to trained and not trained professionals to check their knowledge and attitude regarding VAW and disabilities

- the same test submitted to professionals who attended our 4 multi-professionals training (basic, intermediate and advanced).





Due to the pandemic situation we have organised the training online.

Moreover, we have planned to split 4 days of training into 4 sessions, in order to dedicate each session to one main approach among the ones used/experimented in the partnership.

The idea is to keep the specificity of each method so that participants can get an impression of 4 different ones. Of course a combination among them is possible also because there are theoretical similarities as well as differences.

The Training will be in English language.





1) To raise awareness of trainers all over Europe about possible methods to train professionals / activists / volunteers about the VAW (Violence against women) issue with particular attention to women with disabilities.

2) To connect experts from various fields of work and make them to discuss openly about their issues and ideas to improve their ability to assist women victims of violence.





1st Day (14th January) : the Italian approach: Augusto Boal’s (a theatre method) +



Cognitive contents:

- some data about violence against women with disabilities

- women with disabilities features

- general principles of Boal’s Theatre and why to use it in training

- concepts of secondary victimisation, the unpleasant victim, empathy

- importance of the local Network against VAW

- role of multipliers in each organisation, the Parma experience

- results of the University of Parma research


Practical experiences:

- case simulation and use of Forum-Theatre technique online

- some exercises to deal with the stress of professionals



- Dr. Roberto Mazzini and Dr. Massimiliano Filoni, from Giolli.

- Dr. Pamela Ceraudo and Dr. Arianna Gatti, from ACAV

- Prof. Nadia Monacelli from UNIPR (TO BE CONFIRMED)

- Dr. Rosalba Taddeini from Differenza Donna NGO


Roberto Mazzini is psychologist and coordinator of Vivien project. He works since 1989 using Boal’s and Freire’s approaches all over Italy and abroad, in different fields and with various target groups.

Pamela Ceraudo is psychologist and works with CAV Parma (local antiviolence center).

Nadia Monacelli is professor of psychology at University of Parma and led the research in Vivien, about effectiveness of training.

Rosalba Taddeini is psychologist and works with Differenza Donna, an antiviolence center based in Roma and pioneer in the struggle against violence affecting women with disabilities.



2nd Day (15th January):· the Finnish approach: Somebody method


Cognitive contents:

- SomeBody method and its starting points in women's violence work

- Why the SomeBody method is suitable for working with women who have experienced violence

- How the SomeBody method can prevent re-traumatization

- experiences and results of using the SomeBody method in customer women clientwork

-dissemination and consolidation of the method into the work of trained organizations and workers


Practical experiences:

- some exercises of SomeBody: how to work and deal violence issues with VAW and with the workers

-example implementation of the application of the SomeBody method in work with women



DR. Satu Vaininen SAMK and

Reetta-Kaisa Kuusiluoma SAMK

Maybe???? a representative of a partner organization, a trained SomeBody instructor.



3rd Day(25th January) : · the Croatian approach: The Multi-sectoral approach


Cognitive contents:

- data and facts about violence against women in Croatia

- legal framework and procedure when violence occurs

- importance of the local network against VAW

- importance of multi-sectoral cooperation

- the skill of active listening


Practical experiences:

- open discussion about VAW – let’s learn from each other

- active listening exercises



- Anja Mihajlović, from B.a.B.e.

- Ines Bojić, lawyer




4th Day (26th January): the Bulgarian approach:


Cognitive contents:

- the situation with data about violence against women with disabilities in Bulgaria

- women with different disabilities specific features

- specific challenges the professionals face when dealing with cases of violence against women with different disabilities

- general principles of Boal’s Theatre and why to use it in training

- secondary victimisation of women with different disabilities and how to prevent it to take place

- importance of the local Network against VAW – to what extent it serves the women with disabilities now and what could be done in future, recommendations from disabled girls and women

- role of multipliers in each organisation, the Bulgarian experience

- results of the local introduction of the instrument of the Theatre of Oppressed – feedback from professionals and women with disabilities


Practical experiences:

- case presentations asking for feedback

- gathering feedback online

- use of Forum-Theatre technique in Bulgaria through video shooting

- the ‘say’ of disabled women – “Nothing about us without us” – What about it?



Alya Veder, MA and Albena Alexieva, MA from Eyes on Four Paws foundation

Vedar Georgiev, MA, from Sv.Sv, Kiril I Methodij-1924


Alya Veder is MA and she has more than 25 year experience in international projects as manager/coordinator and trainer. She has a post graduate specialization at SUNI, the USA with internship in the premier academic research and education centre with a social change agenda “Center for Women in Government & Civil Society” at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, one of whose focus is the health and wellbeing of women. Almost all projects where she participated were for improvement of the situation of persons from vulnerable groups.

Albena Alexieva, MA, is psychologist and journalist, a woman with disability herself, with over 20 year experience in managing an NGO working in benefit of the disabled.

Georgiev Vedar, MA, is with more than 15 year experience in projects as coordinator, trainer and facilitator of activities with vulnerable groups.





14, 15, 25, 26 January 2021

Morning session from 9.00 to 12.00 (CET).

Afternoon session from 14.00 to 17.00.






Are invited 80 trainers, responsible, volunteers working on VAW from all over Europe, from Public and private organisations.





The training will be run in English.





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Phone: 0039-521-687142





To subscrive the training you have to fill up a form on Google:

Deadline to submit is 31-12-2020.