Conclusion of Vivien project


01-11-2018 –- 31-01-2021

carried out in Italy, Croatia, Finland and Bulgaria


The Vivien project closed on January 31, 2021, but its effects persist.

Other activities promoted by it will continue in the coming months (sectoral training in various locations, presence at conferences, synergy with the activities of the Carpi “Stay Safe project, etc.). We have replicas of the Forum-Theater "Mai più invisibili", invitations to conferences, collaboration with the Region for the new Strategic Plan against violence against women, a project with the Anti-Violence Center of Calabria and more in the planning.

The project is finished but there are numerous contacts that ask us to continue. We will try to continue with the means we have, as the problem is important and we are passionate about it. Some developments are already foreseen in other regions (Friuli and Calabria at a good stage) while on Parma we have hypothesized a "Vivien 2 ° step" project, of which we will inform you in the coming months.

 We are also working on a new design hypothesis with Rosalba Taddeini of Difference Donna to present to continue Vivien, while on Parma we have already presented a mini project to continue our work with multipliers.


---> Here we summarize the main results.


- → Summary of the Vivien conference.

The round tables highlighted some key points for a better contrast to the phenomenon, which we summarize here:

1) The importance of mainstreaming all the good practices that exist and are effective, in order to make a positive approach to violence systematic and to better welcome women with disabilities, bringing out the hidden violence that is exercised against them.

2) Strengthen and extend networks against violence and promote the creation of similar networks for the prevention of violence, including in them representatives of the world of disability

3) Guarantee the protagonism of the associated realities of people with disabilities and individuals so that the policies and services that concern them are full of their voice.

4) To develop research on effective training methods, based on an integral, holistic approach to the person (mind, body and emotion intertwined), with dialogical, maieutic, participatory methods that enhance the practical knowledge of professionals and volunteers.


→ Documents and products in the 4 countries

- Collection of best training paths (collection of training paths for the purpose of combating violence against women with disabilities and guidelines for implementing them), by the University of Parma

- Best practice (collection of European good practices on combating gender-based violence against women with disabilities), by the University of Parma

- Guidelines for effectively training operators on this issue, by the University of Parma

- 5 Newsletters (which describe the project in its various phases and contents)

- Video of the project (with interviews with partners and images of the work done to train professionals)

- Video on good practices (with interviews with the 4 best practices identified)

- Video on multipliers (with interviews with people trained during Vivien)

- registration of the online Forum-Theater "The invisible women"

- Vivien's Mondays (recording of conversations on Facebook, with various experts on Vivien's themes, some in Italian and English).


- → The project has carried out among other things in the 4 partner countries, overall:

- 4 60-hours long multi-professional trainings with 102 participating professionals - interviews and video sessions with 792 professionals, to measure the effectiveness of past and Vivien trainings

- 4 national trainings with over 100 professionals from Anti-violence Centers and from the world of disability

- 40 sectoral trainings conducted by previous participants in their own institutions and beyond

- 8 Regional seminars where the Guidelines were discussed

- 3 online Theater-Forum shows, in Italy, on stories of women with disabilities victims of secondary victimization

- also several seminars with directors and managers of professionals

- a 4-day international training conducted by the 4 partner countries, on training methodologies

- a final conference with 120 participants including professionals, experts, moderators who debated for two days the issue of violence against women with disabilities and the tools to effectively combat it.


 Most of the materials are available in Italian, English, Finnish, Bulgarian and Croatian.


For more details and info, please refer to:

- project website which will last 5 years from now:

- to the Facebook profile:

- to the YouTube channel:


Thanks for the collaboration:

- The Emilia-Romagna Region which has strongly collaborated on the project, especially in the final events

- Differenza Donna of Rome who contributed to give a particular value with her own direct experience on the subject

- "Anziani e nonsolo" of Carpi, who has intertwined part of the path of their Stay Safe project with us.

- Mondo Donna of Bologna, which contributed in some key steps of the project such as the Final Conference - and all those with whom we came in contact for participation and availability.