CENV – Communication Européenne non Violente (abstract in English)

CENV – Communication Européenne non Violente


It's matter of an Erasmus+ financed project. CENV aims to develop instruments for improving communication and interpersonal skills through Non Violent Communication and Theatre of the Oppressed in the field of job inclusion for people with fewer opportunities.


The project, started at the end of 2021 and will last for 24 months, includes 5 partners from 4 different countries.:

Le Comptoir des Colibris (France), project leader - https://lecomptoirdescolibris.fr/

GIOLLI (Italy) - https://www.giollicoop.it/

Futura Gestiona 2014 SL (Spain) - http://grupofuturagestiona.com/

Associacio La Xixa Teatre (Spain) - https://www.laxixateatre.org/

Stowarzyszenie Praktyków Dramy STOP-KLATKA (Poland) - https://stop-klatka.org.pl/

The partners of the project operates in different fields of action: automatisation and socio-professional inclusion for disadvantaged people; professional skills development; education and empowerment through Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed; awareness raising to foster transformation and social change in contexts characterized by social vulnerability.

CENV operates in the fields of adult education and professional development. The project aims to create an approach based on non violent communication and Theatre of the Oppressed methods like forum theatre, with the aim of improving self-confidence and awareness among vulnerable target group, and of encouraging a positive and effective attitude in work related situations. Also, CENV aims to make people more aware both of the social, cultural and economic context we live in, of the structural factors that make so difficult getting a job and feeling comfortable in the labor market, and also of the potentials of mutual help, cooperation and collective action as instruments to improve people's situation and getting mutual support.

The project has two target groups: people with fewer opportunities for social, cultural, geographical, schooling related reasons ecc.; social workers and professionals in the field of adult education and work inclusion who will be trained in these methods to encourage their diffusion.

The project will develop a specific approach that will be tested by three partner organisation involving both people with fewer opportunities included in work inclusion projects, and educators/trainers belonging to our partners. Besides this process, CENV will provide a logbook and a methodological guide to support the organizations willing to implement or develop further the approach in their projects.

The role of GIOLLI in CENV is organizing a five day training on Theatre of the Oppressed methods addressed to our partners, supporting the elaboration of the project methodology and written outputs, and contributing to the dissemination activities.