RoD-AE Rainbow of desires in adult education

The 1st March 2023 we started this 12 months long project called RoD-AE together with Artemisszio, an Hungarian organisation we have been working with.

Objectives: What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?
1) We think adult educators have the need to know better RoD in order to better manage the process of empowerment with their learners, mainly when they use active methods which imply moving emotions.
2) Moreover, adult educators can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the difficulties in managing the emotions and pains perceived in the group of learners, often coming from extreme situations, poverty, racism, war, discrimination, violence. For these reasons RoD can be also a tool to be used.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?
Theoretical Seminar
Systematizing Seminar
Application On The Field
Follow Up Seminar
Handbook About Using Rainbow Of Desires In Adult Education

Results: What results do you expect your project to have?
1) A 40 pages handbook about Rainbow of Desires used in Adult education
2) A rich debate in the 3 seminars about how to use RoD to empower marginalised groups.