Who Giolli was? and who is now?

Who Giolli association was?

Giolli passed through several vicissitudes and many people have approached and given their contribution and then they have taken different ways. What Giolli is now actually it's thank to the ideas and energies these dozen of people have done since 1992. Here we would like to present the present state of Giolli's structure, without taken away anything from other members and friends who have been collaborating with us. Giolli is a non-profit association managed at present by a quarterly assembly that gives general lines, monitores the process and nominates a set of responsible persons in specific areas, throughout the no-violent consensus method.


Francesco Monelli, Livorno 1967, fascinated since '91 by the potentialities of applying TO. He is teacher still trying to improve school from inside. He is co-founder of Giolli in 1999, marketing responsible, TO practitioner and member; he gives his contribute in several fields.

Massimiliano Filoni, Pistoia 1971, actor and director, he is member since the Giolli foundation in 1992. In the last years he focused his research in applying theatre in school and psychiatric contexts. At present Internal Supervisor. TO practitioner, undergraduate at Dams University of Arts.

Roberto Mazzini, Genova 1955, co-founder of Giolli, educated in various jobs, come by accident on the way of T.O., he tried to improve school from within before leaving. He is translator of 2nd Italian Boal's book, initiator of italian T.O. since 1898. Chiara Goldoni, graduate in pedagogy at Bologna University, TO operator, secretary and "mamma".

Laura Gambone, Liestal (Switzerland) 1966, at present President of Giolli, precarious teacher and "mamma" as well.

They join, for their continuos key presence, two no members:

Tiziana Bortuzzo, Udine 1951, co-founder since 1992 of Giolli, responsible for projects in Friuli region, passer-by who believes that each person is a resource, starting from his own experience and that TO is an important tool to confront each other.

Valentina Tosi, interested in peace education.


In november 2008 Giolli changed in social cooperative.
Massimiliano Filoni and Roberto Mazzini asked Giovanni Badalotti and Emanuela Roncoroni to take part.
Giolli cooperative wants to strength the concrete work with TO, focusing on local areas where is easier to make longer and permanent projects.