What Giolli was and is?

What Giolli was

It's a no-profit national-wide association that works since 1992, using mainly and spreading the method called Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.)in its different forms. It's engaged in a continuos research and inward training under the co-ordination of Roberto Mazzini. Giolli participates at international meetings and projects with its own contributes.

Foto: Halle (Est Germany), June 2002. A discussion with the Domino team during the workshop leaded by Roberto Mazzini, inside of an International Conference about Violence Prevention Among Youth.

Giolli uses T.O. as main method to explore the daily life and social problems, with the aim to facilitate change process in the frame of Paulo Freire's pedagogy ("conscientization"), of Community Development Approach, of Specific and active No-Violence. It was set up the 15.2.1992 by around 20 people from all over Italy and re-founded the 1.1.1999. Many people are passed through its courses, inner meetings and the various structures created: Nucleo, Operators Group, Biannual Course in T.O., Local T.O. Groups Festival... At the moment gathers among members, outside collaborators and apprentices, about 30 people interested in spreading the method in different places like: school, Social Centres, Public Social Services, prison, therapeutic communities, etc.


  • leads short courses with different groups: students, teachers, ex-drug-addicts, psychiatric patients, social workers, parents, etc.
  • holds active lessons and seminars at University (for instance for students from Educational sciences in Bologna)
  • leads trainings to the method and reflection on the role for teachers and social workers
  • realises more complex projects based on Network Approach and Community Development Approach
  • produces plays with its actors about different social themes as AIDS, ecology, health, racism...
  • attends Festivals, European Projects, Conferences
  • organises on its own a biannual education on T.O.
  • organises opportunity of training and further education and supervision for its operators and collaborators.

Giolli provides interventions to inform people about T.O., course for operators in social services and projects in different fields (drug-addiction, social disease, psychiatry, education, prevention, etc.) that can involve people of all ages and conditions: students, teachers, parents in school; social workers, drug-addicts, homeless people, prisoners, handicapped, psychiatric patients. Giolli produces performances about different issues by using mainly the interactive technique of Forum-Theatre, attends Festival and Conferences and collaborates with similar bodies in Italy and abroad (Interact - Austria, RTFS - Sweden, CTO - Paris...).


Giolli is at present a social cooperative that works in the same areas and projects as before.